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Propel Schools is a network of public charter schools that transforms the lives of children in underserved communities through innovative, student-centered learning. Propel sets a standard for creating productive citizens by prioritizing academic excellence and fundamental life skills. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Propel has become one of the largest, fastest-expanding charter school systems since it was established in 2003. Today Propel serves 4,000 students at 13 Allegheny County locations.

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  • Early dismissal at Propel Northside and Hazelwood schools due to high temperature (8/15/2018)
  • Propel School Graduate Named 1 of 300 Gates Scholars (6/11/2018)
  • Summer Food Program (6/11/2018)
  • Pittsburgh Passion Inspires Propel Students (5/22/2018)
At Home Backpack老王v p n安卓版

The Propel Schools "At Home Backpack" is the platform we are using for at-home learning while our school buildings are closed.

At Home Backpack
The circumstances around the novel coronavirus are rapidly changing. Click here to visit our Coronavirus Resource page.
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